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If you've just downloaded Photon Pro, please visit our User Guide to install the effect in Final Cut Pro X


- OSX High Sierra users with NVIDIA video cards. The OpenCL driver in High Sierra has a problem that causes artifacts when running Photon Pro. NVIDIA's own driver does not have this problem.
The NVIDIA driver for High Sierra 10.13.6 is here:
OSX 10.14 Mojave does not have the problem.

- Photon Pro will work with Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 or newer. If you are using an older version please update your copy.

- If you're experiencing crashes, please do the following:
    - Perform a disk permission repair with the Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility)
    - Reboot
    - Launch Final Cut Pro while holding both the option and command keys down and then select 'Reset Preferences'

- Photon Pro requires Final Cut Pro to be installed in the standard location: '/Applications/Final Cut'
If your setup is different, please create a symbolic link (not an alias) from the standard location to wherever you've installed Final Cut. 

One way to do so is through the Terminal application (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) by entering the following command:

ln -s "/<path to your Final Cut installation>/Final Cut" "/Applications/Final Cut"

replace <path to your Final Cut installation> with the file system location where you placedFinal Cut

This is what Photon Pro looks like when the above problem is present, it will show no parameters in the inspector page:

photon pro showing no parameters

This instead is when the problem is fixed, Photon Pro shows a set of parameters when applied to a clip:

- If you previously used Final Cut Pro 7 on your Mac, the uninstallation procedure removes the /Library/Frameworks/PluginManager.framework system library. Photon Pro requires this library to work. We recommend you restore this library from a different mac running the same version of OS X.

- If you see a red X covering your footage, please reboot your system (restarting Final Cut won't suffice) then click on File > Delete Generated Files > Delete Render Files

- Not creating Optimized Media when importing a clip will significantly slow down your rendering times.

- An incompatibility issue has been reported with the 2011 Mac Mini and the Radeon HD 6630 graphic card.

- If you're using the Trial version of Final Cut, please rename the 'Final Cut Pro' in /Applications to 'Final Cut'.

- Not Happy with Photon Pro? Get a refund right away by contacting the Mac App Store support.

Please direct your inquiries to:

We respond rapidly to all support requests