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User Guide

After the app store download is
go to the application folder and launch the Photon Pro app.

When the splash screen opens, click on
 the 'Install' button.
When prompted for a folder, leave the default choice (the user 'Movies' folder) and click 'Save'.
This will install Photon Pro in the folder where Final Cut Pro X can find the effect.

Once the installation is done, restart Final
 Cut Pro X if you had it running.
This will
 reload the effect list from the disk.
You can now close the Photon Pro app.

If you browse the available effects, you 
should now see
'Photon Pro Noise
 Reduction' under the '' category.
Drag it onto your clip to see it in action.

Now in the inspector you can see the 
Photon Pro effect panel,
where you can 
adjust all the parameters for your noise 

At this point you're ready to read our '
For Best Results' page!